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Faded Shapes

Holistic healing focuses on the pressure points in the body to alleviate mental, emotional and physical ailments to help restore well being. Energy medicine also offers a natural way to uncover allergies and sensitivities to chemicals and food.

I've always suspected I might be suffering from food intolerances which have caused lack of energy and headaches. Francesca identified which foods were causing the problem and now that I'm off them I feel so much better
Jan G

I suffered from anxiety for a very long time. Francesca really helped me get control of it! Very caring woman and really knows what she's talking about. I couldn't recommend her enough, thank you Francesca
Amber P
I've suffered from constant shoulder and back-ache for a number of years. I found the sessions with Francesca both thought provoking and effective. I liked her solution orientated approach.
John B

I came to see Francesca as I was frustrated with my regular skin flare ups. During my consultation she suggested we also address my PMT.
I'm grateful to say both my skin and hormones have settled since my sessions with her.

Kiran P

To book a therapy session please call, text, or email with the subject, and preferred day / time and I will come straight back to you

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